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Singing is a part of your birthright—an ancient art form that humans have engaged in since time immemorial. Extensive research attests to its significant health benefits. Creating a supportive environment for singing facilitates a resonant expansion, ushering us into states of relaxation, states free from anxiety, states connected to source. When we sing from a place of openness and support, a sense of connection transforms the experience into the holistic experience it is meant to be.

James, seamlessly integrates science and art, providing holistic voice lessons as a powerful tool for artistic and musical transformation. Armed with a Master’s degree in Vocal Pedagogy from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, he builds on his Bachelor’s degree in jazz voice. His research, encapsulated in a thesis, explores the intersection of creative and esoteric practices with modern vocal science. This exploration lead to his discovery of the myriad benefits derived from incorporating elements of sound healing, archetypal imagery, toning meditation, and actor training in the singing studio. Through these tools, singers enter a state of flow, liberating their authentic voices without judgment, becoming channels for inspiration, and evolving into emotionally intuitive and profoundly affecting performers.

By layering these practices with up-to-date vocal science, encompassing modern respiratory anatomy, physiology, acoustics, and resonance strategies, James equips singers with all the necessary tools to achieve their vocal goals. Whether seeking authentic self-expression, therapeutic benefits, or delivering captivating performances on stage, this comprehensive learning style sets Sound Painting Studios apart. Lessons are not only fun and enjoyable for all students but also incredibly effective for rapid progress.

James conducts classes in two studios, located in Newstead and Windsor, specializing in Pop/Jazz/Contemporary-based voice training and offering preparation for classical styles as well.

Sound Painting Studios provide tried-and-tested tools for guaranteed improvement, including recording sessions that offer physical evidence of progress and digital recordings of exercises, facilitating easier and more efficient practice, thereby fast-tracking students’ progress.

For all booking inquiries, please fill in the contact form below or text 0432015577. Embark on your journey to vocal excellence with Sound Painting Studios.