ÚMBRIEL are an electronic, art-pop quartet based in Brisbane, Australia. Once described as “Like Enya on Steroids”, this flamboyant collection are guaranteed to seduce you into their strange, other-world where string quartets battle industrial synthesizers, all held together with a voice that is incandescent in its ability to grow, to strike, to pierce, and to mend, surrendering into vivid and emotive expression. With influences spanning from Nina simone, to Kate Bush and Bjork, ÚMBRIEL blends orchestral theatricality, erotic depth, and pop appeal with industrial grit. ÚMBRIEL is a musician and performer whose process and work participates within myriad modalities and styles. This is freak-pop by genre, unsettled by its context, strident in its content.

ÚMBRIEL is a liminal being, an artist tempered by technique and vivid in intuitive catharsis. They embrace emotionality and expression as twins in the poetry of their work. ÚMBRIEL seeks an intimacy with their internal landscape, becoming a hollow bone to channel stories from the other side. Striving to become an oracle of dynamism in their writing and performance.



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