He was conceived by ice and fire and this is how stories are woven. ÚMBRIEL is a weaver of story, a conductor of silence into motion into sound, dedicated to the sonic explorations of sensuality, love, and the power of nature. Piano driven and in-wonder with the breadth of human experience, his original work explores the juxtaposition of sensitivity and aggression, anguish and hope, infatuation and resentment. James blends orchestral theatricality, erotic depth, and pop appeal with the artist’s candour.

ÚMBRIEL is a musician and performer whose process and work participates within myriad modalities and styles. His voice is incandescent in its ability to grow, to strike, to pierce, and to mend; professional training and technique is present, surrendering into vivid and emotive expression. This is freak-pop by genre, unsettled by its context, strident in its content.

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